Thursday, January 9, 2020

How to abort the Scheduled batch job using Apex in Salesforce

The Scheduled batch job information internally stored in CornTrigger object in salesforce.

Ex:  let as assume you scheduled the batch job using System.schedule(jobName, cronExp, schedulable) method it returns the CornTrigger record Id.

String strCornExp = '0 38 * * * ?';
Id cornId = System.schedule('Test Job', strCornExp, new ScheduleJob());

Query the information based on record Id and use the System.abortJob(cornTriggerId); method to abort the scheduled job.

CronTrigger obj = [SELECT Id, CronJobDetail.Name, CronJobDetail.Id,State FROM CronTrigger where CronJobDetail.Name = 'Test Job'];

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