Sunday, September 30, 2018

How to Show Instructions to the User in Lightning Component

this Post Explains the How to Show the Instructions to User in Lightning Component
Using <ui:message /> Lighting tag We can Show The Different Severity to the user.
Based on Your Requirement You Can Use the Severity
I used severity="info", For Showing the Instructions to The User.
Check Below Code For Reference

<ui:message severity="info" closable="false">
            <h1 style="color:red;">Instructions:</h1>
                <li>Please Enter Valid <b style="color:#5041f4">Opportunity Name and Close Date</b> to Search.</li>
                <li>If you want to create New Opportunity Click on <b style="color:#5041f4">New</b> button.</li>
                <li>If you want to Delete Mulitiple Records in a table. Please Select the Check boxs
                    for that record after that click on Delete Selected Button.</li>
                <li>If you Want to Perform Row Action, Please Click On <b style="color:#5041f4">Down arrow on Table Row to Perform Row Actios(Edit, Delete,View).</b></li>

Screen Shot

Let Us Know If You have any queries.
Happy Learning!!

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