Wednesday, September 26, 2018

How to Check Your Org Governor Limits Using Workbench

If you Need to Check The Your Org Total Governor Limits
Follow Below Steps

  • Login to Workbench
  • Select Production/Sandbox(Based On your Preferences)
  • Give your Login Credentials and Give Allow Access To Workbench
  •  On the Jump to picklist select "REST Explorer"
  • Click "Select"
  • From the options presented select:  /services/data/vXX.0/limits
  • Click "Execute"
EX: /services/data/v43.0/limits


When clicking on the link, it will open the Page looks like below image

Once you login to the Salesforce
Select "REST Explorer" From Jump List
Click on Select
Select "Get" Method and Click On Execute Button
Result Will LOOK Like this

Let us know If you have any queries.
Happy Learning!

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