Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Access Custom Metadata Type data without Using the SOQL in Salesforce

From Spring'21 onwards we can get the custom metadata record information without using the SOQL.


For the demo, I created the Country and Amount(Country_And_Amount__mdt) Custom Metadata type object and records.

Country_And_Amount__mdt object.

Sample Code:

// Getting all metadata values 
Map<String, Country_And_Amount__mdt> mapValues = Country_And_Amount__mdt.getAll();

for(Country_And_Amount__mdt mdt : mapValues.values()) {
    System.debug('Name => '+mdt.Label);
    System.debug('DeveloperName => '+mdt.DeveloperName);
    System.debug('Amount__c => '+mdt.Amount__c);

// Getting metadata record based on value
Country_And_Amount__mdt objMdt = Country_And_Amount__mdt.getInstance('United_States');
System.debug('objMdt => '+objMdt);


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