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Useful CLI commands for Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX CLI is a powerful command-line interface, a tool that simplifies development and builds automation when working with your Salesforce org.

Open a new terminal window and run the following command to get the commands list.
sfdx force:doc:commands:list

SFDX CLI Commands List

=== Commands
  force:alias:list                    // list username aliases for the Salesforce CLI
  force:alias:set                     // set username aliases for the Salesforce CLI
  force:apex:class:create             // create an Apex class
  force:apex:execute                  // execute anonymous Apex code
  force:apex:log:get                  // fetch the last debug log
  force:apex:log:list                 // list debug logs
  force:apex:log:tail                 // start debug logging and display logs
  force:apex:test:report              // display test results
  force:apex:test:run                 // invoke Apex tests
  force:apex:trigger:create           // create an Apex trigger
  force:auth:jwt:grant                // authorize an org using the JWT flow
  force:auth:list                     // list auth connection information
  force:auth:logout                   // log out from authorized orgs
  force:auth:sfdxurl:store            // authorize an org using an SFDX auth URL
  force:auth:web:login                // authorize an org using the web login flow
  force:config:get                    // get config var values for given names
  force:config:list                   // list config vars for the Salesforce CLI
  force:config:set                    // set config vars for the Salesforce CLI
  force:data:bulk:delete              // bulk delete records from a csv file
  force:data:bulk:status              // view the status of a bulk data load job or batch
  force:data:bulk:upsert              // bulk upsert records from a CSV file
  force:data:record:create            // create a record
  force:data:record:delete            // delete a record
  force:data:record:get               // view a record
  force:data:record:update            // update a record
  force:data:soql:query               // execute a SOQL query
  force:data:tree:export              // export data from an org into sObject tree format for force:data:tree:import consumption
  force:data:tree:import              // import data into an org using SObject Tree Save API
  force:doc:commands:display          // display help for force commands
  force:doc:commands:list             // list the force commands
  force:lightning:app:create          // create a Lightning app
  force:lightning:component:create    // create a bundle for an Aura component or a Lightning web component
  force:lightning:event:create        // create a Lightning event
  force:lightning:interface:create    // create a Lightning interface
  force:lightning:lint                // analyze (lint) Aura component code
  force:lightning:lwc:start           // Develop Lightning Web Component modules and see live changes without publishing your components to an org.
  force:lightning:test:create         // create a Lightning test
  force:lightning:test:install        // install Lightning Testing Service unmanaged package in your org
  force:lightning:test:run            // invoke Aura component tests
  force:limits:api:display            // display current org’s limits
  force:mdapi:convert                 // convert metadata from the Metadata API format into the source format
  force:mdapi:deploy                  // deploy metadata to an org using Metadata API
  force:mdapi:deploy:cancel           // cancel a metadata deployment
  force:mdapi:deploy:report           // check the status of a metadata deployment
  force:mdapi:describemetadata        // display the metadata types enabled for your org
  force:mdapi:listmetadata            // display properties of metadata components of a specified type
  force:mdapi:retrieve                // retrieve metadata from an org using Metadata API
  force:mdapi:retrieve:report         // check the status of a metadata retrieval
  force:org:clone                     // clone a sandbox org
  force:org:create                    // create a scratch or sandbox org
  force:org:delete                    // mark a scratch org for deletion
  force:org:display                   // get org description
  force:org:list                      // list all orgs you’ve created or authenticated to
  force:org:open                      // open an org in your browser
  force:org:shape:create              // create a snapshot of org edition, features, and licenses
  force:org:shape:delete              // delete all org shapes for a target org
  force:org:shape:list                // list all org shapes you’ve created
  force:org:snapshot:create           // snapshot a scratch org
  force:org:snapshot:delete           // delete a scratch org snapshot
  force:org:snapshot:get              // get details about a scratch org snapshot
  force:org:snapshot:list             // list scratch org snapshots
  force:org:status                    // report sandbox org creation status and headlessly authenticate to org
  force:package1:version:create       // create a first-generation package version in the release org
  force:package1:version:create:get   // retrieve the status of a package version creation request
  force:package1:version:display      // display details about a first-generation package version
  force:package1:version:list         // list package versions for the specified first-generation package or for the org
  force:package:create                // create a package
  force:package:hammertest:list       // list the statuses of running and completed ISV Hammer tests
  force:package:hammertest:report     // display the status or results of a ISV Hammer test
  force:package:hammertest:run        // run ISV Hammer
  force:package:install               // install a package in the target org
  force:package:install:report        // retrieve the status of a package installation request
  force:package:installed:list        // list the org’s installed packages
  force:package:list                  // list all packages in the Dev Hub org
  force:package:uninstall             // uninstall a second-generation package from the target org
  force:package:uninstall:report      // retrieve status of package uninstall request
  force:package:update                // update package details
  force:package:version:create        // create a package version
  force:package:version:create:list   // list package version creation requests
  force:package:version:create:report // retrieve details about a package version creation request
  force:package:version:list          // list all package versions in the Dev Hub org
  force:package:version:promote       // promote a package version to released
  force:package:version:report        // retrieve details about a package version in the Dev Hub org
  force:package:version:update        // update a package version
  force:project:create                // create a Salesforce DX project
  force:project:upgrade               // update project config files to the latest format
  force:schema:sobject:describe       // describe an object
  force:schema:sobject:list           // list all objects of a specified category
  force:source:convert                // convert source into Metadata API format
  force:source:delete                 // delete source from your project and from a non-source-tracked org
  force:source:deploy                 // deploy source to an org
  force:source:deploy:cancel          // cancel a source deployment
  force:source:deploy:report          // check the status of a metadata deployment
  force:source:diff                   // diff a local source file against the version in your org
  force:source:open                   // edit a Lightning Page with Lightning App Builder
  force:source:pull                   // pull source from the scratch org to the project
  force:source:push                   // push source to a scratch org from the project
  force:source:retrieve               // retrieve source from an org
  force:source:status                 // list local changes and/or changes in a scratch org
  force:user:create                   // create a user for a scratch org
  force:user:display                  // displays information about a user of a scratch org
  force:user:list                     // lists all users of a scratch org
  force:user:password:generate        // generate a password for scratch org users
  force:user:permset:assign           // assign a permission set to one or more users of an org
  force:visualforce:component:create  // create a Visualforce component
  force:visualforce:page:create       // create a Visualforce page

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