Saturday, June 1, 2019

What is an Encrypted field in salesforce and its features

Encrypted Field in Salesforce

Encrypted Custom Fields allows users to store sensitive data in encrypted form and apply a mask when the data is displayed.
Ex: Password(********)

Who can see the data in the Encrypted field
  • Users who have the “View Encrypted Data” permission enabled on the profile will be able to view the field normally.
  • Users who do not have the “View Encrypted Data” permission on the profile will see the mask on data.
  • Users who have the “Modify All Data” permission on the profile will not be able to see the value of encrypted data fields.

Features of Encrypted Field
  • The field length is 175 characters in size.
  • We cannot be typecast as a Unique or External ID.
  • We can access the data of encrypted field in apex, i.e value is always unmasked.
  • We can not use the fields in SOQL where and order clauses.
  • We can not use the field in formula fields, workflow rules, workflow field updates, approval process entry criteria, and approval step criteria.
  •  we can not configure the field with a default value.

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