Wednesday, May 15, 2019

System Mode and User Mode in Salesforce

System Mode:

1.  System mode running apex code by ignoring user’s permissions.
2.  In system mode, Apex code has access to all objects and fields permissions, field-level security,      sharing rules aren’t applied for the current user. 

User Mode:

1. User mode running apex code by respecting user’s permissions and sharing of records.
2. Profile level permissions, field-level security, and sharing rules are applied for the current user.

Modes Of Execution in Salesforce

 Apex Class     System Mode
Triggers1. If triggers call an apex class with sharing keyword, Then record level access permissions will be considered.
Anonymous Apex     User Mode
Apex Webservices (SOAP API and REST API)    System Mode
Validation Rule    System Mode
Workflow Rule    System Mode
Process Builder    System Mode
Formula Fields    System Mode
Custom Button    System Mode
Roll Up Summary Fileds     System Mode
Auto Response Rule    System Mode
Assignment Rule    System Mode
Escalation Rule    System Mode
Approval Process    System Mode
FlowsBy Default runs in User Mode
1. if flow called from Process Builder it runs in System      Mode.
2. if flow called from Workflow it runs in System              Mode.
3. if flow called from Apex it runs depends on With or With Out Sharing of apex class

Test Class1. Test Method with System.runAs() runs in User Mode.
2. Test Method without System.runAs() runs                  in System Mode.
All Type of Jobs   System Mode
Email Service   User Mode
Visualforce PageStandard Controller --- User Mode
Standard Controller With Extensions --- System Mode
Custom Controller---- Based Sharing Keyword Used in Apex Class.

Visualforce ComponentIt depends on the Visualforce page where it is used.
Chatter in Apex User Mode
Macros System Mode
InvocableMethod1. if it is called from Flow it will run in User Mode.
2. if it is called from Process Builder (does it depends on with or without sharing is specified on that Class), then runs in System Mode
Publisher Action System Mode
Custom Button System Mode

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