Sunday, February 10, 2019

How to Query all fileds with SOQL in Apex

This post explains the how to query all fields with soql in apex.
By Default SOQL not Support for selecting All Fileds
SELECT * From sObject
check below generic class this class accepts the object name, based on object name it gives the  SOQL query in the form String.

Apex Class:
public inherited sharing class GenerateDynamicSOQLQuery {
    public static string getSOQLQuery(String strObjectName) {
        if(!String.isBlank(strObjectName)) {
            String strQuery = 'SELECT ';
            list<Schema.DescribeSObjectResult> objDiscribe = Schema.describeSObjects(new List<String>{strObjectName});
            map<String, Schema.SObjectField> objFileds = objDiscribe[0].fields.getMap();
            list<String> lstOfFieldNames = new list<String>(objFileds.keySet());
            strQuery = strQuery + String.join(lstOfFieldNames, ', ') + ' FROM ' +strObjectName;
            return strQuery;
        else {
            return null;

Open Execute Anonymous window execute below code
String strQuery = GenerateDynamicSOQLQuery.getSOQLQuery('Account');
strQuery += ' WHERE Industry = \'Banking\' LIMIT 1';
System.debug('Account Records ====>  '+Database.query(strQuery));

Happy Learning!!!

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